Making Payments

Probably the most boring part of the process - but we've tried to make it as close to enjoyable as we can



Ways to pay

We offer three ways to pay, On our base tier you need to pay by card or direct debit, putting your details in up front. This is because we don’t require any proof of identity from you, so we need to protect our talent. The other tiers both offer card, direct debit and BACS payments.


We handle all of this for you - sending you PDFs of every invoice, VAT information and timesheets from the talent for your records. We also send you automated payment reminders to help you never miss a payment.

One click approval

Once you’re happy with an invoice and any time sheets, you can just press APPROVE & PAY to make your payment with card or direct debit. If you’re paying by BACS that will send an invoice to finance to notify them of approval. Our commission will be added at this stage.

Finance integration

By giving finance an admin account they can log in to review, track and make payments once they have been approved by other members of the company. This means no more passing invoices around the office like hot potatoes.

Core features for payments

Three ways to pay

Flexible payment options to pay creatives from card, direct debit or invoicing

One click approve & pay

Creatives submit an invoice which we auto generate. All you have to do is approve and pay in one click.

Auto generated paperwork

Full invoices are available for download. They include full service breakdowns, VAT and service fees

Setup for fixed or rate payments

Set up payments as fixed or rate payments. Set up deposits should a creative request it and receive regular timesheets for ongoing jobs.

Expense breakdown

Get expenses submitted within the same invoice for a job and pay in one click.

Timely payment alerts

Get updates on payments that are due ensuring you never miss a deadline. Pay creatives quickly and on time.

Easle for Teams

Invoice approvals for finance

Submit invoices ready for payment to the finance team who will be able to make payments.

Easle for Teams

BACS / SEPA Invoicing

Generate payment slips to pay via an invoice. We generate a reference code and provide details on where to pay.

That's the crux of what we do. It's now over to you to start browsing and hiring creatives.